Apicius 358


Aliter haedinam sive agninam excaldatam

Mittes in caccabum copadia. Cepam, coriandrum minutum succides, teres piper, ligusticum, cuminum, liquamenº, oleum, uinum. Coques, exinanies in patina, amulo obligas. [Aliter haedinam siue agninam excaldatam] <agnina> a crudo trituram mortario accipere debet, caprina autem cum coquitur accipit trituram.



Another recipe for stewed goat or lamb

Put the diced meat into a pan. Cut up an onion and some fresh coriander. Grind pepper, lovage-seed and cumin. Add garumº, oil and (white) wine. Stew, pour into a shallow dish and bid with starch. Lamb should receive the seasoning from the mortar when stil raw, goat gets it while stewing.




This is a very easy way to stew meat cubes. Apparently the meat isn't meant to be scorched before stewing, so let's just mix the ingredients in proportion to our personal taste, add them to the goat or lamb and allow to simmer gently until tender. Bind with starch just before serving.

Despite its rather plain character the dish is very attractive because of its freshness.