Apicius 353


Vitellina fricta

Piper, ligusticum, apii semen, cuminum, origanum, cepam siccam, uuam passam, mel, acetum, uinum, liquamenº, oleum, defrutum.



Fried veal

Pepper, lovage-seed, celery-seed, cumin, marjoram, onion, raisins, honey, vinegar, wine, garumº, oil, defrutum.



This simple and straightforward recipe requires veal or beef of a quality that allows quick frying. A small steak or veal cutlet is of course perfect
Prepare the sauce in advance, so you can concentrate on the meat. In a mortar grind the herbs and spices; the raisins are best soaked overnight in some wijn and boiled down grape-juice. Put these ingredients in a bowl and mix in a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of vinegar an one or two of garumº. Oil is needed if we make (and heat) the sauce separately, but can be done without if we decide to deglaze the meat at the end of the frying.

Serve immediately.