Apicius 221


In <palumbis et columbis> assis

Piper, ligusticum, coriandrum, careum, cepam siccam, mentam, oui uitellum, caryotam, mel, acetum, liquamenº, oleum et uinum.



Sauce for roast pigeons

Pepper, lovage-seed, coriander, caraway, onion, mint, egg-yolk, dates, honey, vinegar, garumº, oiland wine.




Roasting pigeons without them becoming too dry is not simple. When I tried this recipe for the first time, I therefor chose the Römertopf. I took one pigeon (Pigeonneau d'Anjou) for every two persons and wrapped them in thinly sliced lard, having first sprinkled them with garumº on the inside. An hour or so in the oven (220ºC) was enough to make them extremely tender.
The sauce is made by grinding the prescribed ingredients well in a mortar and diluting the mixture with white wine to obtain the desired quantity. It should be heated slowly in a small pan. Egg-yolksshould not be added until the sauce is taken from the fire and has somewhat cooled off; stir well to get a smooth texture.
Take the pigeons from the Römertopf and remove the remaining lard. Serve with the sauce pouredover lavishly.