Apicius 129


Aliter patina versatilis

Nucleos, nuces fractas, torres eas et teres cum melle, pipere, liquamineº, lacte et ouis. Olei modicum.



Another turnover dish

Pine-kernels and chopped wallnuts, roast them and pound with honey, pepper, garumº, milk and eggs. Add a little oil.




Because quantities and detailed instructions are not available, this recipe leaves quite a lot of room to the resourcefulness of whoever wants to give it a try. It can turn out to be anything from custard, through an omelette or a pudding, to a cake; all depending on the proportions you apply and the ways you process the ingredients.

An important indication is, that the result is supposed to be 'turned over', like we do with a pudding. It is however possible to make a slightly less moist variant, i bit more like a cake. A cake without any butter, is that possible?

Well, yes: just stir 3 egg-yolks with about 5 tablespoons of runny honey until fluffy; roast 100 gr. of mixed nuts (pine-kernels, walnuts, pealed hazelnuts and almonds) lightly in a frying-pan and grind them quite fine. Mix with the egg/honey mixture. Beat the remaining whites of the eggs untill stiff and fold them into the batter. I left out the milk in this version, as it is sufficiently moist by itself. Pepper and garumº (a few drops will do!) and a splash of olive-oil should be added beforehand.
Pour the mixture in an oiled shallow dish and bake it in the oven at 180º C for about half an hour.